The Idea Of a Slave

Read any of the Evolutionary Psychology Classics, and you would find the seeds of BDSM. After understanding many slaves who are accomplished and smart individuals in their vanilla life, I have come to understand this fetish better. And it is important to delve into the fetish that is a part of your personality as a man who needs to be a slave.

A Beta male (a sub or a slave, a sissy or a cuckold) has an instinctual urge to be usable by a Lady he respects. The males who were low in hierarchy in the hunter-gatherer society had to find a way to support a gene-reproducing machine (a beautiful woman). This was essential for their survival and that of the clan. It benefited all – The Lady, The Alpha Male and The Beta. It created a society with different roles and enhanced the chances of survival of the group.

If you have an urge to be a Beta, you probably have inherited from the gene pool of the Beta in some cave in the stone ages. And that is as natural as the colour of your eyes. Over a period of time I have met, adored and used many of these slaves for a better life for myself and my partners. And while the world at large would never understand, a Slave shows immense courage by surrendering unconditionally. I invite you to the opportunity to be a part of my stable and serve my existence in a myriad ways.

I promise to use you well, for long and bring out the best (or worst if you want) out of you.

Mistress Marlena

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