Basel visit 11-12th November

If meeting Me was just a dream, now it will become reality! I’m very excited to announce My visit to Basel (11-12th November) and I will be available for: outcall sessions, shopping and dinner “dates”.

Outcall session

Let’s explore together your deepest desires, turning fantasy into reality.
  • Spanking, Whipping, Nipple Torture – No pleasure without pain.
  • Anal training – not penetrating only your mind but body too!
  • And talking about body, you’ll have the honor to worship Me and I will have the pleasure to use you! As human ashtray, My favorite but not only!


Spoil your Mistress and be happy I find new ways to use you!

Dinner “dates”

Just another way to enjoy My company, My power!

Are you ready?
Book now!

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